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Updated: 10 May 2016 is a Singapore company (legally) different entity than the Chinese platform


Updated: 10 May 2016
Russian Bitcoin and altcoins exchange reputation. What do people on Reddit and elsewhere say about BTC-e?


Updated: 03 Jun 2016
Bitfinex Bitcoin exchange reputation: For some safe exchange with their people always on Reddit, for some anonymous offshore biz in Asia.


Updated: 11 May 2016
Reputable and licensed Bitcoin exchange with USD and EUR markets but no margin gambling.


Updated: 11 May 2016
Bitcoin and altcoins exchange that aquired Candian Cavirtex and is now having good trade volumes.


Updated: 10 May 2016
Poloniex is an altcoin trade exchange with minimal verification requirements. Its reputation is suffering a little as they don't communicate at all.

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